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Cooking Courses, Ravello
16 June 2008

Villa Maria Restaurant Cooking Courses, Ravello

Set in the enchanting and picturesque Ravello, located in the mountains behind the Amalfi Coast, these heavenly cooking courses are hosted by the world renounded Villa Maria Restaurant.

The course allows you to get amongst one of the most important aspects of the Italian culture - food. The gathering , the preperation, the making and finally the devouring of the sumptuous local and traditional Italian dishes.

Each cooking course begins at 11.30am where you will start your journey to the Villa Maria Restaurant organic fruit and vegetable garden for a guided tour and discussion about the produce of the land.

With various menu choices available you will have the chance to select your ideal menu and during the course have a chance to taste everything that is being made.

The Italian cuisine is a fine art and love of local, fresh and delicious produce.

For further details and bookings please contact the team at Infinity Amalfi Coast.