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Villa La Rondinaia
29 April 2008

Location: Ravello, Amalfi Coast Italy
Nearest Airport: Naples - 1 hr
Nearest Train Station: Salerno - 1 hr
To Capri - 50 minutes by boat
To Amalfi - 10 minutes by car

Villa La Rondinaia is one of the most famous and exclusive locations on the Amalfi Coast. Perched on the cliff face of Ravello, it offers the most exquisite views of the coastline.

Villa La Rondinaia is not only an ideal location for productions and photo shoots because of the mind-blowing views it offers, but also for the character that the house holds. It is truly out of this world.

More about Villa La Rondinaia www.villarondinaia.it

Villa La Rondinaia was previously owned by the famous American author Gore Vidal. This spectacular Villa was Vidal's private residence for over 35 years until he recently sold it to the Palumbo family of Ravello. The Palumbo family have seized this amazing opportunity to transform the Villa into one of the most exclusive and beautiful Hotels on the Amalfi Coast whilst still maintaining the historic value and presence of Gore Vidal.

The Villa includes - 5 suites each with an ensuite bathroom, grande kitchen, expansive lounge area, balconies, terraces, pool, spa and sauna.

Gore Vidal's writing room has been left untouched with thousands of his books, old magazines, his typewriter and other memorabilia now created as a museum of his works.

A number of famous people have frequented the Villa including Jacqueline Kennedy, Tennessee Williams, Rudolf Nureyev, Paul Newman, Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt and Sting.

Villa La Rondinaia is available for Location Hire 12 months of the year. All desires can be catered for and every whim satisfied. Not only can you hire the Villa as a Location it can also be used to accommodate producers, directors, cast, models and crew.

Villa La Rondinaia is also now available for Weddings & Events. Please contact the Infinity Amalfi Coast team for more details and to view the property.

Location and Accommodation Rates are available on request.

Additional Ravello accommodation, transfers, transport PACKAGES are also available on request.